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Spiegel universeel voor vans, Pick-ups en Trucks


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CIPA’s OE Low-Mount Style Truck & Van Mirror will replace the low-mount style mirrors on all vans, pickups, and trucks. The large mirror head measures 7.5 inches x 10.5 inches with a 6.95 inch by 9.95 inch glass surface. The head of the mirror is plastic-chrome, and the brackets are stainless steel. Rust and corrosion will not be an issue with this mirror. The OE Low-Mount Style Truck & Van Mirror is easy to install and fully adjustable. It features a swing-away design for fitting through tight spaces. It is universal in position and will fit both driver and passenger sides. The mounting bracket attaches to the truck or van at two points. The bracket is a “V” shaped arm with a total height of 10.5 inches on both sides. The bolt holes on the arm bracket are 8.75 inches apart. Some trucks or vans may require drilling for a proper fit. Each kit includes 1 head assembly, 1 curved arm, 1 “V” arm bracket, 1 mounting bracket, 4 nylon washers, 4 flat washers, 2 (3/8”)spring washers, 2 hex screws, 3 (1/4” X 5/8”)screws, 3 (1/4”)spring washers, 3 plastic screw anchors, and instructions. Assembly required.

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